You can buy your skill books at the following NPCs:

Level 6 at Master Chong (Bow Master) in Taoyuan (839,539).

Levels 6 to 46 at the Bow Master in Liuhe (558,962).

Levels 51 to 71 at the Bow Master in Bizhou (929,617).


Basic Attack

Learned: Level 1

Valid Area: Spot

Valid Radius: 40

Attack with your equipped weapon.

Deadly Ox Bow

Learned: Level 1

Valid Area: Spot

Valid Radius: 40

Attack a single enemy and gain up to 20 aggression points.

Stone monkey Arrow

Learned: Level 1

Valid Area: Spot

Valid Radius: 40

Attack a single target and slows movement speed. Also gain up to 20 aggression points.

Peony Blossom Bow

Focus 100 aggression to deliver a strong attack against a single enemy.

Eagle Eye Technique

Temporarily increases hit rating and the chance of gaining a critical hit.

Leaping Cricket Arrow

A strong attack that damages all enemies directly in front of the player. Consumes 100 aggression.

Distant Horizon Arrow

Attacks a single target and generates 20 aggression.

Dragonfly Feet

Temporarily increases movement speed.

Angry Hummingbird Shot

Consumes aggression to fire a shot that stuns your opponent.

Red Scorpion Arrow

Attacks a single enemy and deals internal injury damage. Also generates up to 20 aggression.

Elder Scholar Escape

Removes all threat against the player but reduces movement speed.

Startling Spider Arrow

Consumes 100 aggression to shoot the target with an arrow that interrupts your opponent from using a special skill.

Stealthy Panda Paw

Sneak up and smack an enemy from behind with your bow. Instantly fills your aggression meter and generates a huge amount of threat.

Monkey King's Flame Arrow

Fires a powerful shot at a single target and decreases their hit rating. Consumes 100 aggression points.

Fragrant Herbal Renew

Use to cancel the cooldown period of all your skills. Requires one Universal Herb per use.

Celestial Wolf Arrow

Consumes 100 points of aggression to attack the enemy with a powerful shot that does great damage.

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