Chromatic Spider
Chromatic Spider
Level 25-26
Health points unknown
Area Shi Fang Maze
Official description
Spiders big enough to eat a cow or a reckless adventurer.

Chromatic Spiders are a type of monster that are only found in the damp and dark cave known as the Shi Fang Maze. These spiders that are big enough to eat a cow, or even you if you aren't careful, are the first monsters encounterred during your journey through the maze. They are actually slightly less dangerous than the monsters found immediately outside the maze entrance in the Stone Forest. This causes many people to simply skip them and stay fighting monsters closer to a city entrance. If you search deeper in the maze you can find a NPC that gives a repeatable quest that requires killing these spiders for their webbing

Item Drops and the drop percentages.

Drop Item Drop Chance
Chromatic Spider Hair 55%
Chromatic Spider Egg 55%
Animal Hide 8%
Cotton Fiber 5%
Morning Dew 4%
Chunk of Meat 3%
Corn 3%
Wild Cabbage 3%
Flax 2%
Raw Silk 2%
Roasted Meat 1%
Chromatic Spider Web Special (See Note 1)

1) Item only drops if you have Quest: Spider Web's String

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