Skills Edit

  • These are all the Skill.

Offensive Skills Edit

Basic Attack

Learned: Level 1

Area: Cone-shaped

Radius: 5

Attack with your equipped weapon.

White Crane Typhoon

Learned: Level 1

Area: Cone-shaped

Radius: 6

Attacks all enemies in front of you and generates a large amount of threat.

Seven Turtle Blow

Learned: Level 1

Area: Spot

Radius: 20

Damages a single enemy and dazes the target for up to 5 seconds. Also increases aggression.

Defensive Skills Edit

Learned: Blind Rabbit Stance

Level 1

Area: Spot

Temporarily improves your armor defense.

Weapons Edit

Sentry Staff

Level Limit: 1

Durability: 14

Weapon attack: 10

Qi Meigun

Level Limit: 10

Durability: 20

Weapon Attack: 25

Thunder Staff

Level Limit: 20

Durability: 26

Weapon Attack: 63

Spirit of the Serpent

Level Limit: 30

Durability: 32

Weapon Attack: 110

Coiled Dragon Staff

Level Limit: 40

Durability: 38

Weapon Attack: 200

Yaori Staff

Level Limit: 50

Durability: 44

Weapon Attack: 285

Sacred Staff

Level Limit: 65

Durability: 50

Weapon Attack: 470

Dragon Lord

Level Limit: 70

Durability: 65

Weapon Attack: 687

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